How you weather the aftermath all depends on what you do in the calm before the storm.

Comedians have often quipped that instead having a black box on an airplane, they should just go ahead and make the whole plane out the same material that the black box is made from. If only it was that simple! In reality, though, our personal protection and preparing ourselves for unforeseen events, is no laughing matter, it's serious business. is dedicated to helping you create your own, personalized blackbox protection. It's social networking with a purpose, one that goes beyond sharing your life and interests. When life's twists and turns take you in the wrong direction because of some catastrophic event, the first thing on your mind should be jubilation at being alive and getting back on your feet as soon as possible. The last thing you should be worried about is what you've lost to disaster. At it's our sincere hope that you take action today, so that you may weather whatever storms life may send your way.

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